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If your plan is for one year, plant rice. 

If your plan is for ten years, plant trees.

If your plan is for one hundred years, educate children.


Victoria Kate

Hi, I'm the founder of Free2bme. Welcome to finding out about emotional wellbeing for young people. My aim is to create a central hub of information and resources on the prevention of poor mental health in young people for schools and parents in the UK.  I, and my team, deliver training in the specialised course that has been devised to teach young people to self-manage their behaviour using mindfulness, mind calm and self-development techniques.  All the trainers are experienced fully qualified Life Coaches and trained as Free2bMe Mindfulness Coaches. They also have Enhanced DBS checks and Safeguarding Children Training.

Working with Public Health Dorset's Prevention at Scale agenda the course is firstly taught to teachers (support workers/parents/carers) after undertaking a two day training course and getting ongoing support from Free2bme trainers. Further advanced courses can be offered working with pupils.


I am a single mum, a writer, a self development and modern meditation coach and a communications specialist.

For over twenty five years I have taught self development and mindfulness workshops and written books on modern meditation for kids and single parenting.  I have managed large teams and delivered successful communications in business as well as presenting to hundreds of children in schools. 

I am passionate about a better world; a world where our children can grow into balanced adults and contribute in a healthy way to society. 

If you want to know more give me a call!

Why do you need Free2bMe?

Theresa May announced in January 2017 the government are planning to transform attitudes to mental health by offering mental health first aid training in secondary schools. Currently over half of mental health problems start by the age 14 and 75% by the age 18.

Children go through life events the same as we do. Life doesn't wait until you're 18 before it hits its first blow. For my son he was 6 when his dad left and a divorce followed. For my best friend's children, their brother battles leukaemia. For others their parents are challenged with house repossession, substance misuse....and so it goes on. And some children don't have traumatic events but suffer with anxiety, low self esteem and conditions which prevent them engaging socially and academically.  

Society then expects children to be academically average to brilliant, well behaved and to 'fit in'!

Mental health wellbeing is essential at an early age. Children need to learn basic skills on how to manage their emotions and have a healthy relationship with their mind. They need healthy self esteem, self motivation and confidence in a world that can throw unexpected challenges at them.

Modern meditation techniques and philosophy teaches them this. It is an essential tool for them to learn at a young age and be able to use it throughout their growing years into an adult. By informing ourselves and making changes we can together educate the next generation enabling them to enjoy healthy relationships with themselves, with their peers, teachers and families. We can let them be free.

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