Free2bMe Training

KS2 Five Module Free2bMe Programme

The Free2bMe Five Module Programme is delivered by teachers and parents after training in the Free2bme training course. The programme enables young people to thrive with their emotional wellbeing and help prevent poor mental health as they grow up. It teaches them fun tools to develop confidence, self-esteem, communication techniques and modern meditation so they can enjoy more creativity, more productivity, self-motivation, self-compassion and healthier relationships providing a happier experience at school and at home.  

The course material has been developed to be easily delivered in a fun and engaging way with measuring outcomes milestones throughout the course.

Module 1. Establishing self-esteem and understanding self-awareness

Module 2. Understanding emotions, feelings and thoughts

Module 3. Confidence and empowerment

Module 4. Communication techniques

Module 5. Aspirations, removing limiting beliefs.

Taking part in the Free2bMe course during KS2 will act as a preventative measure for the government's mental health first aid requirement in secondary schools and will improve their academic resilience, self-manage their behaviour and enjoy social wellbeing.

Teacher & Parent/Carer Training in Free2bMe Mindfulness & Self Development

This course enables teachers, parents or carers to teach young people to make modern meditation techniques and philosophy part of their daily routine.  

This is an opportunity for not only young people to benefit but the mentoring adults too.  Attendees will learn to cope with stress successfully themselves enabling more creativity and more productivity, and the ability and tools to deliver this practice to young people. It is an opportunity to learn how to have a healthy relationship with the mind and undo any bad habits and negative programming that has accumulated over adult years which is why the first half of the training is devoted to learning the concepts and techniques for yourself.

This training course ideally will suit teachers/support staff and parent/carers or anyone in a leadership/mentoring role for young people. 

The training takes part over two days or one day and 5 evening/after school.

  • Free2bMe Mindfulness takes part over one day. Participants learn techniques to fully support and deliver Module 2, Understanding Emotions, Feelings and Thoughts. The day teaches how to have a healthy relationship with the mind and learning and practising the philosophies and techniques of modern meditation.
  • Free2bMe Self Development takes part over the second day (or a further five sessions) and participants gain a more in depth understanding to mindfulness as well as the self development aspects within the other modules of the KS2 Five Module Programme. 

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